About Me

My name is Zai. I am born and live in Singapore. I have been collecting erasers since the age of 10 years old. This blog simply keep track of all my new purchases. It also shows my whole collection of erasers.

I have collected 7526 erasers as of 18 May 2012.

I will post where are the places that I shopped and how much i had paid.



11 Responses to About Me

  1. Impressed says:

    wah… 7000++ erasers, impressive!

  2. YeahYeahYeah says:

    Hi, i stumbled across this blog from your HDB blog. I admire your patience and attention to details! Where do you keep your erasers collection and why do you have an interest in doing this? Just curious, thanks for sharing with your readers with so many photos and explaination!

    • Ah Zai says:

      Thank you for visiting both my blog. I keep all my erasers in plastics container from Toyogo (http://www.toyogogroup.com/TYGSG/index.php). I started collecting when I frequent the bookshop during my primary school days. Probably collect because of the beauty of these erasers and pride of ownership.

      With the help of internet, I get to know more people around the world whom collect erasers too. However I am still yet to connect with anyone in Singapore.

      Do you collect erasers?

      • litana69@sfr.fr says:


        et oui je suis collectionneuse depuis plus de 30 ans  je suis a plus 18000 gommes et j espère pouvoir augmentée ma collection 

        et toi as tu des doubles si tu veux on peu faire des échangent  je n arrive pas a voir ta collection  je te dit bonne journée et merci d avoir regarder mon blog  litana

        Tous vos emails en 1 clic avec l’application SFR Mail sur iPhone et Android – En savoir plus.


        Message du : 10/04/2014 14:20

  3. citra ismira says:

    Hi zai ^_^
    nice to see your collection
    its amaziiing ^_^
    i am from indonesia, near by your country =)
    i love eraser in singapore, they are really awesoome, like your collection ^_^
    i am collecting eraser too, and of course not yet as much as you have =D
    please contact me by email,i hope we can trade some eraser =)

    Thx and warm regards zai ^_^

    citra ismira

  4. Rickee says:

    Hello Zai,
    This is RN53, http://www.sengkang.com
    I had just noticed your unique hobby of eraser collection.

    Currently, I am enjoying my trip in South of USA, mainly MS.
    I can assist you to procure some erasers as and when I came across them during my shopping rounds. Let me the soonest, as I will returning to SG in less than 2 weeks time.


    • Ah Zai says:

      Hi RN53,
      yes, i still remember you. This is very kind of you.
      I really love it that you can buy if you come across anyway.
      but please do not need to go out of your way to buy.

  5. Micki Laffey says:

    Hi Zai,
    I am also an eraser collector and live in the United States. I have over 16,000 in my collection, and am interested in trading doubles with you if you have any. Nice job on the website. Mine desperately needs updated.


  6. littlecorals says:

    Hi Zai, I just happened to come across your blog and OMG your collection is amazing! I used to collect erasers too as a kid but I never even came close to having as much as you have. *Salutes!!* Keep it up haha 🙂 ❤

  7. Bharathi Thuraisamy says:

    Hi Zai
    I used to collect erasers too
    But in USA they don’t have nice ones like in Brunei or Singapore

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